Software Development

Software Development

Total confidence in our QA process makes us unafraid to enter into fixed price development contracts given the right conditions.


At CeylonSoft, we have solid experience in custom solutions development such as e-shops and online marketplaces, media streaming, theatre booking systems, e-learning sites, content management systems, and corporate web sites.
By thoroughly analyzing your business processes along with industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored, cost-competitive, scalable and robust software.

As a client focused company, we realize our potential of providing great products and services to help businesses reach their maximum productivity and profit potentials.

We believe in increasing our global competitiveness by offering:
• Experienced and technically proficient staff dedicated to your project
• Full cycle software development process, from product design to outsourcing application support, maintenance, and enhancement
• Integration of multiple process initiatives
• Unparalleled speed of execution
• Reduction of development costs


Our offshore software development services cover Windows and Web based application development and testing.
Companies are free to focus on major targets while letting us provide solutions in areas we specialize in.
As a result, you have cost-saving solutions and scalable, highly professional human resources.
Strict coordination, superior infrastructure, state-of-the-art quality management systems, and ultimate information security allow us to avoid miscalculations and misunderstandings in our client relations.
Thus, we guarantee highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Our highly skilled, adaptable staff and quality assurance procedures minimize risk associated with IT outsourcing.
Send us your specifications today.
Send us your specifications today

We will evaluate project volume and complexity, and make cost and time estimates.
Upon completion of all assignments, we will deliver the end product with entire supporting documentation and provide full follow-up technical support.