ICT Services Overview

While Sri Lanka is renowned as the paradise island for its culture, panoramic landscape, leisure and excursion related activities and cuisine, Colombo’s impressive skyline also personifies the country’s rapid development. In time, Sri Lanka will be renowned for yet another exciting, prominent feature as Asia’s favorite ICT Centre of Excellence. […]

Google Loon To Cover Entire Country Of Sri Lanka With Internet

Google is working on many things, and that includes balloons that fly high in the sky to bring Internet infrastructure to locations that can’t be wired for it easily. Today, Sri Lanka announced that it’s the first country to ever get universal Internet access from Google’s Project Loon. Thanks to […]

Kandy IT/BPM week

Kandy IT/BPM week – An initiative to build regional skill capacity to support the growth of the country’s IT/BPM industry was launched on 4th May 2016 togehther with the national and event partners. In a move to create a much-needed IT/BPM capacity, the Industry is advocating the creation of regional […]

Lanka among top Software Exporters

For the first time, Sri Lanka has been featured in United Nations Conference on Trade And Development’s (UNCTAD) Information Economy Report – 2012 as country that has a software industry with a high export market penetration, a position shared with IT services offshoring giant, India. The report which analyzed the […]